GOC 2021 Covid-19 announcement

The Delta Variant is spreading so let’s exercise caution… 

Dear Friends,
GOC has always been an “at your own risk” event. The weather, the altitude, terrain, wildlife and primitive camping have always had some inherent risk. This year with the Covid-19 Delta variant coming into play we encourage the following:
Review your own personal risk factors and those of people you may be traveling with.
Have you been vaccinated? If not, we ask that you please mask up for your own safety and take extra precautions.
We ask that you have a plan to leave the Mountain should you or anyone in your group develop flu like symptoms.
Be sensible and be prepared.
Lodge ceremonies protocols in particular will be at the discretion of the facilitator/water pourer who is ultimately responsible for the safety of lodge participants. A dry sweat is also available.
We all have different perspectives on this pandemic understandably. However I have learned that Creator clearly expresses through the “Group Conscious”.
So we strongly encourage all to be extra safe as we gather joyously on our sacred mountain.
Again, attendance at GOC is at your own risk. Lets be sensible and considerate of others attending the gathering. 

Steve Lake 

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