Hello GOC friends and family. 

On Sunday May 24th the 19 member GOC council met and unanimously decided that GOC 2020 would be held online July 31st- Aug 2nd.  Of course it would be everyone’s preference to meet on the mountain as normal, however due to the current and foreseeable large gathering restrictions and safety concerns, it was decided that this is the best way to proceed.  Gathering without our yearly permit and our porta potties would not be wise. We would damage our Sacred Mountain and jeopardize the ability to get permits for future GOC events.  So let’s seize the opportunity provided to gather, connect, experience the GOC in an ONLINE ZOOM format! It will provide a chance for some to participate that normally could not.  A schedule of events is being prepared as well as links to Zoom online which will be our cyber-service. 

Please be on the lookout for future updates and information.
On behalf of your GOC council, I thank you,

Steve Lake- GOC council chairman

We would love to hear from you!