Willow Hot Springs Vision Quest

Willow Hot Springs Vision Quest

March 6 through 11, 2019

Sponsor: Kathy Two Hawks

Corporate Sponsor: Tanja’s Natural Magick

This Vision Quest will be held in Arizona on privately-owned property.  There will be no public access to disturb the process of each questor.  There is room available for 8 to 10 questors and 8 to 10 supporters to participate.  It is traditional for the questor to bring their own supporter.  If a questor is unable to bring a supporter, I will open the registration to those who would like to be a supporter.  If you are interested, please email me at ladytwohawks@cox.net or call me at (602) 989-8468.  The cost of the Vision Quest is $200.00 for questors and $100.00 for supporters.  I am offering these prices as a special for the Willow Hot Springs Vision Quest 2019 only. ries.le

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