Thank You 2016 GOC Coordinators!

A big THANK YOU to all the GOC 2016 Coordinators for their efforts so far and for all they will do for us at the gathering!

Your GOC coordinators will also be listed in the GOC Events Guide available during registration at the Welcome Tent on Wednesday afternoon. Get yours!

Here’s the list:

Raffle-Shawna Mitchell

Welcome Table/Attendance/T-Shirt Distribution- Jan Leenhouts Martin & Karen McGinnis

T-shirts- Brett Messer

Workshops- Shawna Mitchell

Sweet Medicine Dance- Cathy Martin, Wanda Wade, Kathy Two Hawks

Children Activities- Bob Wade & Heather Sawyers

Housekeeping Announcements – Karen McGinnis

Final Environmental Walk Through/Inspection- Wanda Wade

Environmental Focus/Recycling- Heather Sawyers

Oneness Blessing- Karen McGinnis

Wood/Port-a-Potties/Permit- Cliff Buchanan

Speaker- Mike Andrews- Grandmother Flordemayo

Sweat Lodges- Steve Lake

Drum Team- Steve Lake

Pancake Brunch- June Baldwin

Songs & Music – Icie Mitchell & Sarah Starkey

Give-a-way -Kathy Two-Hawks

Feast Coordinator- June Baldwin

Saturday night Drumming- Cathy Martin

Website updates – Natalie Benningfield