Spontaneous Auctions

Hello GOC Community!

Virgie Ravenhawk and Debbie Drumhawk will be sponsoring Spontaneous Auctions at the GOC 2016 as part of their gifting to the GOC fundraising efforts. What is a spontaneous auction, you ask? Think of eBay-type bidding, but with sacred tools and beautifully, lovingly crafted items for sacred and holistic living. Each item will have a suggested starting amount and bidding will proceed from there at the GOC.

Virgie and Debbie will auction items similar to the ones pictured here. Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards may be used as payment for any items that you win in the bidding process! Alternatively, you may use this PayPal link to pay while at the GOC (click on the PayPal Logo here). 

If you would like to donate similar items for the Spontaneous Auctions, please notify Virgie Ravenhawk via email vravenhawk@yahoo.com or cell: 210-341-5823.