GOC 2015 Workshop Presenters

Joyce Anastasia

MAIN SPEAKER -Joyce Anastasia  – Thursday 10:30 to 11:45 am

“Lead with extraordinary wisdom and create the beautiful world we do know is possible”

 This talk is an invitation to explore our shared personal and Collective Dreams and how we can manifest those dreams into reality in ways that can both excite and delight us.  This starts within each and every one of us…by especially engaging what we’d like to create differently in our own lives, in our families in our own countries and beyond.  By integrating the concepts that are presented in my new book, including wisdom teachings and stories from beautiful people all over the world, Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times, I hope to engage each of you in reflection, dialogue and interaction related to how you’d like to lead your life and how you uniquely impact others.  Together, we will explore the 7 Vital Keys that I believe are critical for new forms of leadership to emerge as we face the incredible challenges and opportunities in our world today.   The exploration of these keys will ignite transformation from the inside out creating the rippling effect to positively impact now and for our future generations.  Please join me on this journey to mutually learn new ways to lead with greater wisdom.

Lead By Wisdom:  Divinely Manifesting our Collective Dreams – Thursday 1:00 thru 2:45 pm

Presenter: Joyce Anastasia
Email: joyceanastasia@gmail.com 415-322-9442, 503 Pineo Avenue #2, Mill Valley CA 94941
Workshop Description:: Despite the news that we see and hear, our collective dream is NOT lost.  We can and do make a difference!  Yet many of us feel overwhelmed and internally say “How can I, as a single human being, possibly make an impact?”  This interactive workshop sacredly explores 3 of 7 of the Vital Keys I speak about in the book Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times.  Participants will examine their personal hopes and dreams in relationship to power, integrity and their miraculous nature (3 of the Vital Keys).  We will mutually uncover how to become more fully empowered, align with our natural divine power as it intersects with our human will and discover some of the “sweet spot” intersections with our collective dreams.  We will also learn way to lead by wisdom to help manifest the beautiful and thriving world we know wants to emerge.
About Me: For most of my life, Great Spirit has guided me to be an ambassador of peace and healing for our planet.  Although obtaining my dual Master’s degrees in Multicultural Counseling and Fine Arts was very valuable, my greatest learning came through experiencing wisdom teachings in so many aspects of my life work for the past thirty years.  This includes work as a psychotherapist in clinics, orphanages, projects and corporations, as a teacher in elementary schools, colleges and universities, as a transformational leadership consultant here and abroad and as a volunteer for SEED Graduate Institute, the Shift Network, the Thrive movement and numerous other humanitarian organizations.   My work has taken me to many regions of the United States as well as internationally, to the corporate world, to indigenous tribal councils, to the poverty-stricken areas of our nation and in Egypt, Greece, etc.   Through the courageous work of my clients and through my exposure to the generous wisdom teachings throughout the world, I have gained such insight into more humane ways to lead and be in the world.  Summarizing these sacred teachings, I recently published the book Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times.

For more Information, Visit Joyce’s Website http://www.leadbywisdom.com/

mike_andrewsCeremonies Thursday – 3:00 thru 4:45 pm

Presenter: Mike Two Bears Andrews
Email: 7laughs@newmex.com Phone: 575-770-4321, PO Box 577, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514
Workshop Description:: There are many different paths up the mountain and ceremonies we can do along the way. We will discuss some of them in a dialogue circle and in small groups. What ceremonies do you most relate to?

About Me: Two Bears has attended many ceremonies and led many workshops. Both bears will be in attendance.

Karen_McGinnis (2)Chanting the Chakra Dhyana – Friday 11:00 to 12:45 am

Presenter: Karen McGinnis
Email: mcginniskaren2@gmail.com 325-949-8720 2801 Oak Forest Drive, San Angelo TX 76904
Workshop Description:: After a brief introduction to the energy system of the body learn a balancing practice for aligning, clearing and energizing the 7 chakras. The Chakra Dhyana, a combination of posture, hand position (mudra) and chanting (mantra) has been used for thousands of years. This is an experiential workshop so come comfortable dressed and bring a mat, blanket, etc. if you can.  No need for notes.  Hand-outs will be provided.

About Me: Karen is a world traveler and seeker. She was first introduced to the Chakra Dhyana in 2008. She was initiated as a Oneness Blessing giver in Fiji and studied further in India. A holistic provider of energy modalities including Healing Touch, Matrix Energetics and the Oneness Blessing, she is also a facilitator/educator for Earth-based Spirituality, Sacred Circles, Goddess Wisdom and the Feminine Experience.

WildHorseCharleySHAMANIC JOURNEY/HEALING CIRCLE – Friday 9:00 am thru 10:45

Presenter: Charles Conatser
Email: cwconatser@aol.com 806-790-4128 1915 33rd Street, Lubbock TX 79411
Workshop Description:: Participants will be safely initiated into Shamanic Journeying to enter non-ordinary reality, aided by traditional drumming, sounds, and movement, to awaken healing, knowledge, power, and creativity to receive and realize your spiritual purpose/visions/actions.
Bring a blanket/bedroll to lie on/in, journal to record your journeys, blindfold, and (optional) drum or rattle.
Shamanic methods can contribute to virtually any aspect of living, as they have for tens of thousands of years, and are especially applicable in contemporary daily life for problem solving, well being, and healing.

About Me: WILDHORSE CHARLEY CONATSER (PhD,Math/Physics) (http://shamanism.org/fssinfo/conatserbio.html ) director of THE HEALING CENTER in Lubbock TX, is a master drum maker, intermedia artist/sculptor, past President of Mountain Desert District of Unitarian Universalist Association, Reiki Master in the Usui spiritual lineage, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has over 30 years training and experience as a shamanic practitioner and teacher of shamanic methods.

jo_conatserIntroduction to SoulCollage (R) – Friday 11:00 to 2:00 pm

Presenter: Jo Conatser
Email: cwconatser@aol.com 806-90-5830 1915 33rd Street, Lubbock TX 79411
Workshop Description:: Let’s make a collage! You know, pasting images together on a card! Mix imagination and intuition with a group of powerful, “cut out images” and you can create a SoulCollage (R) card. Gradually you can create a deck that reflects who you are in a very real and personal way. The cards can be used to explore your inner self as well as nourish your soul. Join us for a fun and insightful journey. All supplies will be provided. Three hour workshop.

About Me: In her previous life, Jo was a Social Worker with over twenty years experience advocating for the rights of people with disabilities as well training employees and writing training programs for the state of Texas. She also supervised Medicaid programs for people with disabilities in group homes and in community settings. Since 2013 she has completed five Core Shamanic Methods of Healing Workshops. She became drawn to SoulCollage (R) in 2014 and has completed Facillator Training and attended five workshops in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

kathytwohawksHerb Walk – Thursday 1:00 to 2:45 pm

Presenter: Kathy Two Hawks
Email: ladytwohawks@myway.com 602-989-8468 4440 W El Camino Drive, Glendale AZ 85302
Workshop Description:: Join me for a stroll through the beautiful area surrounding the Gathering of Circles gathering.  We will find and identify the healing plants that Mother Earth has gifted us with and learn the ceremonial way to gather these plants.  Bring a camera, note book, and tobacco for the ceremony if you wish to gather some plants.  I look forward to seeing you on the mountain!!

About Me: I am a master herbalist and a traditionally trained Pejuta Win (Herb Woman) of the Lakota People.  I am guided in my work by Mother Earth, Creator and the Great Mystery.  I have an herbal business in Glendale, Arizona and travel to many other areas to heal and teach.  I am grateful for my teachers and my gifts!
See all of you soon on the mountain a spiritual and magic place

Iciemomgoc-001Mending Broken Hearts Overview – Friday 9:00 to 10:45 am

Presenter: Shawna & Icie Mitchell
Email: sierras33@aol.com 325-668-2563 PO Box 5556, Abilene TX 79608 (Icie 325-513-7404)
Workshop Description: Mending Broken Hearts is a program to promote healing of intergenerational trauma, unresolved grief, loss & incomplete relationships that are often the underlying cause of addictions such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and gambling, as well as eating disorders and other addictive and compulsive behaviors. Mending Broken Hearts is geared towards Native Americans and incorporates Native American culture and ceremony into the course study; however, it is beneficial for anyone struggling with addictions, or seeking self-awareness and healing.  In this workshop we will discuss components & benefits of this White Bison Program

About Me: Shawna and Icie Mitchell are certified White Bison Firestarters for the Mending Broken Hearts Program. They facilitate this program for Native Americans in TDCJ and beyond.

Sarah StarkeyMusic and Emotion – Friday 9:00 to 10:45 am

Presenter: Sarah Starkey
Email: SStarkey11@aol.com 325-660-3453 150 South View Trail, Abilene TX 79602
Workshop Description: Sound…most people can hear it.  It can affect a person’s mood by making them happy, calm, angry, nostalgic, etc.  Let’s have a discussion and experience about the effects of music, drumming, noise, and silence while putting our ideas and theories into practice.  Bring your drums, instruments, voices, and willingness to share.

About Me: Sarah Starkey is mainly known for her abilities as a flute collaborator, working with singer/songwriters to add flute to their music.  Give her the key and any surprises and she can usually jump right in without having heard a song before.  She can mainly be heard playing with Tony Barker at Unity Spiritual Living Center in Abilene, TX.  Sarah also plays Native American flute and trumpet.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Hardin-Simmons University and starting fall of 2015 will be pursuing her second bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in music therapy from Texas Woman’s University.  Sarah also owns Sarah Starkey Music and Flutes, a business that sells High Spirits flutes and repairs Boehm style metal flutes.

 Steve_SelfPermaculture, Shamanism and Spirit – Friday 11:00 to 12:45 pm

Presenter: Steve Self
Email: stemself@nmsu.edu 575-642-4673 1630 Smith Avenue, Las Cruces NM 88001
Workshop Description: Presenting the basics of Permaculture and Shamanism and how they can be used together to heal. We will journey to the Lower World to invite the Spirits of the land we are on to dance with us. The rest of the workshop is up to Spirit!

About Me: Between 2009 and 2011 I began studying Matrix Energetics which is in essence a method for changing ones reality for healing, balance and spiritual well-being. In 2014 I took The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism taught by Charles Conatser. I currently Chair the NMSU Sustainability Council and work to bring healing to our Great Mother in my own humble ways.

ireneandlauraThe Art & Practice of Emotional First Aid – Thursday 3:00 to 4:45

Presenter: Irene Ramos and Laura Barrera
Email: Irene: ireneirisramos@yahoo.com Laura: lbarrera10@yahoo.com 210-392-1470 13000 Vista del Norte #510, San Antonio TX 78216
Workshop Description: As souls living this human experience we are driven by our emotions. What are our practices for acknowledging and healing our emotional selves? If we are to be beings of light how can we step outside our self to give kind words and comfort to others and know that our words, deeds and omissions have a force an influence on all the beautiful souls around us? This interactive session explores the concept of “Emotional Hygiene” the daily attention and care of our emotional selves and is based on the work and research of Guy Winch.
About Me: Professional Learning Consultants. Laura Barrera MBBS , BA from UTSA, 30 years teaching public school,
Irene Ramos BA from OLLU, JD from St. Mary’s School of Law, 25 years in adult education. Both are advocates of Social Emotional Learning, brain based instruction and research and students of Virgie Ravenhawk.

Fox OwlECO VILLAGE SUMMIT – Thursday 3:00 to 4:45

Presenter: Fox Owl Duque
Email: foxowl138@gmail.com (512) 788-6182, 1200 Hatteras Austin TX 78753
Workshop Description: Times are changing and we are all look for a better ,healthier way of co exiting  with nature. Eco villages are intentional communities whose goal is to become more socially, economically and ecologically sustainable. We will be gathering knowledge and looking at the many models and problems that arise from eco villages. This workshop provides a space to discuss and talk about creating the world we want and need. We will discuss 1)alternative energy, living  off the grid, community building and growing  food. There many models in building Eco Villages  but the success  comes from the connection.  That’s really what humans are missing and lacking.  We miss the Tribe. Being connected. Together, we can do more with less effort. Walking  the red road and making the steps necessary to create the world we truly desire.
Where  our attention goes… energy flows.
 About Me: I am just a fox spirit in a girl body. No ego just love. Infinite love timeless ever expanding ever-growing. Reflecting love respect and kindness through my words and deeds. Who am I is ever changing  with new knowledge. I am you , you are me.  Our spirit is connected  to the one. We call him/her many names.  One the red road the medicine  road we find each other again and again. Each piece is a part of the whole and when we are united we are whole again  and all things are  possible.
Through  your  eyes I can see me.  Together  we can find the solutions to  all problems.
Aho. Mitakuye Oyasin.