2015 GOC Planning Meeting and Coordinators

Hello GOC Community~

 The planning meeting was held on March 7th 2015 at Cathy Martins beautiful home on a lake near Abilene, Texas. We all had a wonderful time,and Cathy was a wonderful hostess Thank You!! from all of us. I also want to thank all who came to the planning meeting this year, and thank all of our volunteers who make the Gathering of Circles happen year after year. This is our 21st year wow! Our theme this year is  Many Circles One Dance. Thank you Great Spirit for all the love andcompasion brought into this world through the Gathering of Circles one dance. I look forward to being with all of you on the mountain this year in body and or in spirit. 

Our volunteers so far this year are as follows:
Wood Coordinator- Cliff Buchanan
Port-a-potties Coordinator- Cliff Buchanan
Work Shop Coordinator- Wanda Wade
Dance Coordinator-  Kathy TwoHawks and Ann Blacketer
Clean Up Coordinator- June Baldwin
Give Away Coordinator- Cathy Martin
Childrens Activities- Bob Wade
Guest Speaker- Mike Andrews
Welcome Table- Karen McGinnis
Sweat Lodge Coordinator- Bobby Ashworth and Sarah Starkey
Raffle Coordinator-  Loretta Starkey
Feast Coordinator- Donna Kirby (corrected)
T-Shirt Coordinator Ruby Quail
T-Shirt Sales- Brett Messer, Tracy Gonzales,and Barbra Norman
Drumming Teams Coordinator-

We are looking forward to an extremely Love- Filled  and Blessed Gathering this year!