Supporter Information

Download the Brochure (right click and save pdf file) visionquestbrochure


What does it mean to “Support” at the Vision Quest? Some  people attending the Vision Quest as Supporters may have been Supporters in past Vision Quests, and some may have been past Questers on a Vision Quest, so they all have a pretty good idea of what it means to support at a Vision Quest.  For those that have no direct experience attending a Vision Quest, this will introduce you to the responsibilities and benefits of being a Supporter at the Vision Quest.

Ideally there will be at least as many Supporters as Questers since each Quester can have a specific Supporter that places them on the Questers spot on the mountain, prays for the Quester, and can check on the Quester (without disturbing the Quester) during the time that the Quester is out on the mountain. In addition, the Supporters will help support the Sponsor and maintain the camp.

We are asking that Supporters arrive before the start of the Vision Quest and stay until after all Questers have returned and gone through the closing sweat lodge. We feel an important part of the Support process is creating a community focused on supporting the Questers and the Sponsor. It is important to close the circle with all those that opened it. We discourage attendance of the Vision Quest by drop-in visitors.

Supporting is a form of Quest in itself. Those that are Supporters will have a time for reflection and meditation like the Questers, but they will not necessarily be fasting like those that are the Questers. The Supporters can look for insights in the company of the other Supporters. In addition, you will have daily interaction with Two Bears and will participate in a sweat lodge for the Supporters.

The Supporters also will participate in keeping the fire burning until all the Questers have returned. This is an excellent time to meet and get to know the other Supporters. Usually the all night vigil with the fire is shared among the Supporters in shifts. The Supporters also will assist in the communal kitchen in preparing meals and in cleanup/ doing dishes.

One significant benefit to being a Supporter is that you will have first-hand experience of a Vision Quest and it may help you eliminate some of the fears you  might have about the question “Can I do a Vision Quest?” Seeing the Questers coming back from the mountain with their visions and all the benefits of their visions might encourage you to “sit on the mountain” in the future.