Quester’s Information


Mike Andrews and Bear Heart
Mike Andrews and Bear Heart

Comments from Cliff and Mike:

You will select your spot before the Going-Out Sweat Lodge. Use your prayer staff or a stick (if you are a Pipe Carrier) to scratch a circle in the earth of your perimeter and stay inside your circle until you have your vision; or until the last day around noon; or until you decide its time to come back. There will be a Sweat Lodge before you go out and again when all Questers have returned. Supporters will be awake all the time you are out and take turns “keeping the fire”. The task is to be by yourself during the Quest in order to get to know yourself. The Supporters will “check” on you from time to time. The elements are the easy part. Being without TV, phones, and conversation may be the hard part.

You also might want to read (or re-read) the next-to-the-last chapter of Bear Heart’s book, “The Wind Is My Mother”, since it covers the Vision Quest. It also provides some assurances on the way Two Bears works to protect you while you are out on your Vision Quest. By fasting and going without water (and possibly without sleep if you so choose), you are stressing your body so that the normal mental responses are short-circuited and you are more open to a vision. In Bear Heart’s tradition, you will be asked to go without food and water, unless you have special medical requirements, which should be discussed individually with Two Bears before the Vision Quest. The Vision Quest is a VERY powerful experience and one that you will remember for a long time.

You may take a tarp to get under in case it rains and to use as a sun shade. Some people might choose to go out with only a wool blanket, while others may choose to take more on the mountain.

You will also get instruction directly from Two Bears immediately before going out.