2011 Planning Meeting

GOC Planning MeetingSaturday February 26, 2011 – Odessa, Texas

The Planning Meeting is set for Saturday, February 26, 2011 in Odessa, Texas from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, 

1404 Castle Road, 79762. 

NEW!! We are now setup for a “GOC Meeting Room.” 


We invite you join us in Odessa

on Saturday, February 26, 2011

for the GOC 2011 Planning Meeting.


We have much to discuss and decide on.  In addition to choosing the theme for this year’s gathering and establishing the various coordinators, we will be discussing the need for a GOC Secretary/Treasurer.  This will be a volunteer role, as is everything in GOC, but one that continues between annual gatherings.  Likewise, we need someone to maintain the GOC address database and someone to maintain the GOC website.  Could all these be the same person?  Possibly, but not necessarily.  Let us know what you might like to handle!  Job descriptions for these activities will be posted on the web prior to the planning meeting.


Cliff is excited that the GOC now has a bank account and its very own Paypal account. The new treasurer would be responsible for keeping a simple accounting of income and expenses. Also, Cliff will set up a GOC computer so that anyone with internet access can securely access this computer and update the website (Cliff will provide training), access the accounting and  any other GOC computer related function.


Please add your agenda/input to the meeting even if you can’t come.

Jazz Jaeschke is leaving her GOC roles to be with a close friend who is coming through difficult medical and rehab circumstances, with no foreseeable end date.  Therefore, we need a T-shirt coordinator and help with the Welcome Table. 

 he following  coordinator positions are open:

          Welcome Table


          Children’s Activities



          Talking Stick Circle

          Sweat Lodges

          Sweet Medicine Dance




These positions are filled:

          Port-a-potties – Cliff Buchanan

          Wood – Cliff Buchanan

          Environmental Focus – June Baldwin

          Pancake Brunch – June Baldwin

          Drumming – Bobby Ashworth  

T-shirts – Susan Murray and Ken


The meeting begins at 2:00 pm and will conclude before dinner.

Please plan to come and please RSVP to Cliff.


 Cliff******** @ ****** ISISoftware.net


June Baldwin has offered her newly remodeled home for our meeting. Both June and Cliff are happy to again be the hosts this year. Please call for directions.

GOC Meeting Room
Minutes of Planning Meeting by Vicky Vaughn.


Attendees so far as of 02/26/11:

Mike Andrews – Taos NM

Cliff Buchanan – Odessa TX

June Baldwin – Odessa TX

Teresa Giles – Lohn TX
Carolina Tijerina – Odessa TX
Brett Messer – Odessa TX
Tracy Gonzales – Odessa TX
Shawna Mitchell – Abilene TX
Tony Hayhurst – Abilene TX
Vicky Vaughn – Lubbock TX

Donna Kirby – Abilene TX

Steve Kirby – Abilene TX


Remote attendees:
Jan Leehouse-Martin -Yelm WA

Beth Hin – Irving TX

Donna Pounds – Midland TX

Michael Scott Scudder – Taos NM


Staying in house Friday and/or Saturday:

Vicky Vaughn

Mike Andrews


RSVP no:
Bobby Ashworth

Susan Murray and Ken Shaw
Cyndi Hughs

Tom Casey
Bob Wade

Wanda Wade


 Coordinator Positions

 The following 2011 coordinator positions are open opportunities to get involved with the GOC community:

 Meeting Topics


Topics to discuss at the 2011 GOC Planning meeting:

1:30 to 2:00 pm – Smudging by Mike Andrews

2:00 pm – Opening Prayer by Beth Hin

2:10 to 2:45 pm – Pipe ceremony by Brett Messer

2:45 pm – Opening words by Cliff Buchanan – Financial report – establishment of bank account and Pay pal account


03:00 pm Agenda discussion items:

  1. Establishment of GOC Council – call for nominations
  2. GOC social network options
  3. Spring Dance
  4. Healing Hearts
  5. Bear Heart Vision Quests
  6. Munay-Ki programs
  7. Price Daniel prison program
  8. Secretary/Treasury position – call for nominations
  9. Admin position – call for nominations
  10. Webmaster position – call for nominations
  11. GOC 2011 Theme – call for suggestions
  12. GOC logo
  13. Filled coordinator positions
    Port-a-potties – Cliff Buchanan
    Wood – Cliff Buchanan
    Environmental Focus – June Baldwin
    Pancake Brunch – June Baldwin
    Drumming – Bobby Ashworth
    T-shirts – Susan Murray and Ken Shaw
  14. Open coordinator positions:
    Welcome Table
    Children’s Activities
    Talking Stick Circle
    Sweat Lodges
    Sweet Medicine Dance

05:00 pm closing prayer – Shawna Mitchell


Theme 2011:

The following themes are proposed:

Cliff Buchanan: “Sacred Gratitude”


DECIDED: ” Sacred Gratitude”


Logo/Design 2011:



Speaker 2011



Main-tent Tarp



Book Exchange will be continued.


Raffle Tickets




National Forest Location


Camp Etiquette


Attendance Patterns

Minutes for the Planning Meeting

Gathering of Circles
 2011 Planning Meeting
February 26, 2011

GOC Planning Meeting has been stored online for viewing/listening at the following link:
Click Here!

Attending:  Cliff Buchanan, June Baldwin, Mike Andrews, Shawna Mitchell, Tony Hayhurst, Brett Messer, Theresa Giles, Carol Whitewater Dawn (part-time), Donna Kirby, Steve Kirby, Jennifer Caviness, Vicky Vaughan, Tracy Gonzales

On line Attending:  Beth Hin (Irvin, Texas), Micheal Scott Scudder (Taos, New Mexico), Jan Leahous-Martin (Yelm, Washington)

Opening Ceremonies:  Smudging by Mike Andrews; Opening Prayer (on-line) by Beth Hin; Pipe Ceremony by Brett Messer

Financial Report by Cliff Buchanan

  • Obtained Federal ID Number for the GOC.
  • Established Credit Union checking account in September, 2010
  • Current balance reported, briefly listing annual expenditures
  • Set up PayPal account connected to GOC web site
  • “Doing well thanks to raffles and T-shirt sales”
  • Request for volunteer Secretary-Treasurer to track all financial matters and report to future planning meetings.  Nominations and volunteers will be available on the GOC web site, which will also have a job description.  S-T will have to personally sign account at Credit Union, but all other work and reports can be made on-line.  CB will set up GOC-dedicated computer in Odessa for remote access by S-T.
  • Request for volunteer Web Master — Job description on GOC web site; nominations and/or volunteer on-line.  Nomination:  Bryan Donahue (Brett will contact him).
  • Request for volunteer Administrator — Job description on GOC web site; nominations and/or volunteer on-line

GOC Council proposed by Cliff Buchanan

  • To function like a Steering Committee or Board of Directors for pre-planning community events and business-related events for all activites related to the GOC.
  • Will serve to broaden the focus of GOC beyond annual Gatherings in August, as outlined below.
  • Nominations were made, as follows.  CB will contact those not attending and will post nominations and volunteers to GOC web site by March 15, 2011.
Cliff Buchanan June Baldwin Mike Andrews Shawna Mitchell Dave Arneson
Brett Messer Tom Casey Susan Murray Bobby Ashworth Dan Leonard
Charles Conatser Virgie Ravenhawk Bob Wade Wanda Wade Pete Phillips
Theresa Giles Beth Hin Carol Dawn Kathy 2Hawks Mike Kelley
Lois Colbridge Vicky Vaughan Donna Kirby Jennifer Caviness

Social Network Update by Cliff Buchanan

  • Current NING GOC Social Network set-up is no longer free.  Call for options.
  • Discussion led by Shawna Mitchell regarding FaceBook’s free offerings.
    • Easy to post events, add notes.
    • Can post pictures and monitor discussion postings.
    • Can link to GOC Fan Page.
    • Sales can be linked on a free page (Etsy-type link).
    • Links to U-Tube for free videos (Steve Kirby suggestion).
  • Volunteers:  Shawna Mitchell, Cliff Buchanan to set up and train Jennifer Caviness to monitor.
  • Decision to maintain NING site, temporarily, and pay annual fee of $12.00 for basic service

Spring Dance Shawna will contact Cindy Hughes about coordinating event.

Healing Hearts

  • Usually held in September or October at GOC campground near Cloudcroft.
  • CB mentioned an offer for a meeting in Terlingua near Big Bend – “The Ranch”.
  • Possibility of financial assistance from GOC if donations are insufficient.
  • Volunteers:  Vicky Vaughan, Brett Messer, Donna Kirby.

Bear Heart Vision Quests:  Mike Andrews, Cliff Buchanan

  • Explanation of financial differences between GOC and Vision Quests (VQ), including shared equipment/camping gear
  • Donations are suggested at a higher rate than GOC due to included food costs, operating materials, mileage reimbursement, and porta potty rental.
  • June Baldwin suggested a Scholarship Committee to consider scholarships for all GOC and VQ events.  Cliff Buchanan suggested a set annual amount be drawn from GOC Fund.  Tabled for GOC Council consideration.

Munay-Ki Programs:  (Nine rites from Peruvian Andes shamans, compatible with GOC concept):  suggested by Cliff Buchanan.  Agreement to link Munay-Ki website to GOC’s, and to list events. Mike, Brett and Cliff have completed nine rites. Rites are currently being given in Odessa and Abilene.

Price Daniel Prison Program Update:  Shawna Mitchell (as Golden Eagle Ministries), Cliff Buchanan, June Baldwin, Mike Andrews, Theresa Giles

  • For 4-1/2 years Shawna & Cliff have been going to the Price Daniel Prison Unit in Snyder twice a month (one-day of education, the other as ceremony) to bring GOC Rainbow Tribe way of honoring all spiritual paths to the inmates.  What began as a small group of about 20, has grown to 130 participants (2 groups each time). 
  • The only rehab provided by the prison is through the Chaplain’s office.  The reputation of Shawna and Cliff’s program has been noted by the Warden. Expansion of programs have been suggested, along with plans for “after-care” groups for inmates/parolees.
  • Costs have sky-rocketed and Shawna and Cliff are unable to carry the entire cost-burden alone.  They have asked to present a budget to the GOC Council for assistance with gas costs, smudge sticks, herbs, medicine bags, education supplies, etc.
  • Donations will also be accepted by the GOC web site.
  • Volunteer support is also needed and will be mentioned on the GOC web site.

GOC 2011

  • Date:  Wednesday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 7th :  17th year!
  • Decision for theme:  Sacred Gratitude
  • Logo:  Graphic representations for the theme will be accepted until March 31st, to be voted on on-line between April 1st and April 15th.  June Baldwin will contact Jazz regarding design execution and the organization for soliciting orders.
  • For calling on T-shirt orders:  Brett Messer, Donna Kirby and nominated Barbara Norman (to be contacted).
  • Brochure will be ready for mailing around June 1st.
  • Coordinator Positions that have been filled:
    • Port-a-potties – Cliff Buchanan
    • Wood – Cliff Buchanan
    • Environmental Focus (clean-up committee) – June Baldwin
    • Pancake Brunch – June Baldwin
    • Drumming – Bobby Ashworth, Shawna Mitchell
    • T-shirts – Susan Murray, Ken Shaw
    • Welcome Table – June Baldwin
    • Raffles – Shawna Mitchell
    • Give-Away – Vicky Vaughan, Steve Kirby
    • Sweat Lodge and Talking Stick Circle Coordinator – Brett Messer
    • Speaker – Cliff Buchanan
  • Positions in need of Coordinators – VOLUNTEERS WELCOMED – reply to GOC web site:
    • Workshops – Nominated Bob and Wanda Wade (to be contacted)
    • Children’s Activities – Jennifer Caviness will assist Coordinator
    • Sweet Medicine Dance – Nominated Dave Arneson (to be contacted)

Meeting closed with prayer by Shawna Mitchell.

Minutes prepared by Vicky Vaughan