Gathering Of Circles
Updated 05/05/2010

Voting is open ! 

Deadline for voting is Sunday 05/09/2010 !!

The following designs have been submitted for this years T-shirt logo and will be considered by the planning committee. 

Important !  Experience has taught us that some parameters must be followed if we are to make a good T-shirt design. First, a maximum of four to five colors must be used to make it economical. Second, the design must be on an 8.5 x 11 paper so that it can be easily scanned. 

Remember that these drawings are rough drafts and could appear differently on the t-shirts. 
You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Yin-Yang - click to enlarge

Drawing # 1 
Submitted by Carol whitewater dawn


Black and white - polar opposites, crawling on the earth and flying in the air - polar opposites.

Yin and Yang,  male and female, East -West, fullness to emptiness, nothing to everything.


All opposites are contained in the whole. 

Change is Movement.  Movement is Transition.


"After being told we can't use white ink, I suggest a color ... still on a black shirt.  Color will be determined after consultation with T-shirt printers."  

Carol Whitewater Dawn

Carol WhiteWater Dawn
1404 Castle Road
Odessa, TX 79762
(432) 553-1490 C
(432) 550-3362 H

Spiral - Click to enlarge


Drawing # 2 
Submitted by Jazz

The Spiral, from Gary Kendrick and Jazz Jaeschke, reflects TRANSITIONS as gradual progression in becoming our full spiritual selves.  Lettering would be above and below the image.

Jazz Jaeschke
10504 Settlers Trail
Austin, TX  78750
(512) 335-9517 H

Medicine Wheel - Click to enlarge


Drawing # 3
Submitted by Mary Neikirk
"Medicine Wheel"

The Medicine Wheel, proposed by Mary Neikirk, uses the symbols on our GOC banners for each of the directions to reflect TRANSITIONS as progression through season to season of our journeys.  Lettering would be above and below the image.

Mary M Neikirk
151 N Calle Ojo Feliz
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 983-5654 H


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Drawing # 1 "Yin-Yang"
Drawing # 2  "Spiral"
Drawing # 3  "Medicine Wheel"